What is nebulizing aroma essential oil diffuser

What is nebulizing aroma essential oil diffuser?

Nebulizer aroma essential oil diffuser is an equipment to atomize essential oil and then diffuse fragrance
of essential oil into the air, it consists of three major portions, the base, nebulizer and air pump. 

The base contains all electronic components inside and it can be made of any material, such as wood, metal, glass, porcelain and plastic.

Glass nebulizer is the area that loads essential oil, includes nozzle tube, essential oil feed tube and nebulizer lid. Because most pure essential oils are slightly flammable for most materials expect glass, so the nebulizer absolutely must to be made of glass.   


Air pump is the source to provide constant compressed air for atomizing  

When we power on essential oil diffuser, air pump will start to deliver compressed air through air pump
tube to nozzle tube. A jet of air blows across the nozzle tube and creates a vacuum that pulls essential oil
from the bottom of essential feed tube to the top of the tube. The air flow blows across the surface of the
oil at the top of the essential oil feed tube, brings and leads the oil striking toward the inner surface of
lass nebulizer. A good nebulizer always comes with a tiny nozzle, and the spray hole diameter of essential
oil feed tube should between 0.3~0.4 mm, because it is the first and mainly step to break up the essential
oil into micro molecular when the oil come out from the spray hole. With the constant compressed air
supply, nebulizer type diffuser is capable to atomize a large amount of essential oil into the air and make
the air of space saturated with aroma quickly.


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